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We search the database recorded in the local registries in China.

Covering all cities in Mainland China

Companies we can verify are covering all provinces and cities in Mainland China.

Speed service and fast return

You will receive a verified company report by as fast as one working day.

Company search

We can provide company search reports including the latest information and key details filed at the registry on a target company.

Competitive pricing

We are providing the most competitive priced reports for all Chinese company's in the market.

Information on the name, address, date of establishment, nature, registration number, registration authority, legal representative, business scope, and business period of the local company.

Dated information

The report includes registration licence date, renewal date and expire date.

Capital information

Amount of registered capital and paid-up capital will be shown in the report provided.

Share information

All shareholders, directors and percentage of shareholding were included in the reports.

Historical information

No only updated information but also historical recorded information were included in the reports.

The specific equity ratio of local enterprises, the background and capital composition of corporate shareholders, and the details of changes in shareholders and equity.


WOFE is a Limited liability company wholly owned by the foreign investor.

Joint venture

Joint venture is a limited liability company owned by both Chinese and foreign investor.


State-owned companies are companies owned by either national or local governments.

Private companies

Private company are owned by Chinese individual and/or institution.

Local business operations financial report, balance sheet, submission time, etc. Business and financial information of the company.


Stating what kind of business in your business scope is compulsory.

Change & update

Any change in business scope is not automated and needed to apply.

Good standing certificate

Information of business scope are written in the certificate.


Some of categories listed in business scope are subject to license applied separately.

A credit rating of a local credit rating agency that analyzes corporate history, current banking, and litigation record pledge records.

Rating report

Rating reports can be ordered by local rating agencies and translated into English.

Apostilled company documents

Legalized and translated for use in your country.

In-depth company search

Investigated company reports can be ordered. Actual site visits with photo taken can be arranged.

In default and blacklisted

If a company or shareholder was in default caused by unable to pay debts within certain period, they will be blacklisted. These reports can be ordered.

Shanghai tries to get back to work amid outbreak

While efforts to contain COVID-19 continue in Shanghai, the city's key industries and enterprises are gradually resuming production to ensure the needs of industrial and supply chains can be met.

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How to Open a Bank Account in China: Stricter Requirements After COVID-19

Once you obtain a business license in China, that means the wholly foreign-owned enterprise or WFOE has been legally established. However, another important consideration is the company's bank account, without which the entity will not be able to carry out its daily operation.

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Are you suitable to register a company in China?

Nowadays, many expats are engaged in business activities in China. Once they need to collect payments, a bank account of a domestic company is needed for legal transactions (excluding salary income).

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Company registration in China

Company registration in China

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Simpler procedure ahead for foreign investors

China will simplify business registration procedures for foreign investors in a bid to spur overseas investment and create a more open business environment in the country, officials said on Tuesday.Th...

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Majority of elderly netizens victims of fraud

As China's elderly population grows, the number targeted by online fraud is also increasing, according to a survey released last month by internet giant Tencent and the Chinese Academy of Social S...

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Imperative to crack down on pyramid scams

THE STATE ADMINISTRATION FOR MARKET REGULATION recently announced that it had drawn up a list of 11 key cities that should take action against pyramid selling,...

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China Public Security targets pyramid schemes

New kinds of economic crimes risk stability of financial market, it saysThe Ministry of Public Security will conduct a campaign against financial crimes that raise money from the public, including pyr...

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